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The Story behind the SpiritSong Band

Current Members of the Band

Ron Smith - Lead Guitar & Band Leader and Director
David Dilday-Drums and Cajon and Band Manager
Moriah Cruz - Lead Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar
Savannah Miklos - Lead Vocals and Keyboard
Josh Cruz - Audio Video Producer & Rapper
Harry Moore  ~  Electric Rhythm Guitar
Dan Williams-Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Terry Smith  -  Electric Bass Guitar
Donna Dilday - Asst Sound Tech
Terri Smith - Lead Sound Tech

In June of 2017, Ron Smith began to have the idea to start a new Christian Contemporary Band.  The idea was already circling around in his head for some time, but it began to become a real concept in the early weeks of June 2017.

The vision from the beginning was to have fun playing music for the LORD wherever the Holy Spirit might lead and move people to worship the LORD and open hearts to Jesus and to have a lot of fun doing it.  The goal of SpiritSong Band is to play music and sing and worship the LORD through music and lead people to experience the Spirit of the LORD through music and song. 


Ron had played electric guitar since he was 13 years old.  At that time he joined a Contemporary Christian Band in Japan as his Mom and Dad were Missionaries in Japan.

The band was made entirely up of Missionary Kids and played in various places and churches and events.  They played songs from the original Jesus Music bands including the Group "Love Song" which was composed of Tommy Coomes who later established Maranatha Music, Chuck Girard, Bob Wall, John Mehler, Jay Truax, Phil Keaggy,and Fred Moore.  At that time this band, and just a few others, made great changes to Christian Music and was the birth of Contemporary Christian Music.  Love Song was one of the first Christian Rock Bands and was started in 1970.


So the choice of the name SpiritSong Band was based to a great degree on that early influence of the Love Song Band.  That is a part of how the name "SpiritSong Band" came about.  When deciding on a name for the Band Ron wanted a name with "Song" as part of it.  He also wanted something that would clearly denote the type of music it was and so after considering a number of possible names he decided on "SpiritSong" .

Love Song Band

So that is why the name of the band is SpiritSong Band, because this band is dedicated and wants greatly to be a conduit of the Holy Spirit through music and song in praise and worship to the LORD and to Jesus Christ his Son.  So we invite you to also join in this movement of praise and worship through music and song and be a part of SpiritSong Band.

Past Members of the Band:

Nick Mitchell - Bass, Piano, Guitar & Ukulele
Jessica Benner -  Lead Vocals & Keyboard
Tyler Benner - Lead Vocals, Tambourine
Jamie Forbes - Keyboard & Vocals
Caleb Meyer -  Acoustic Guitar
Jalyssa James - Lead Vocals
Andy Weber- Saxophone
Cody Goda - Drums
Ray Dill - Bass



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